Chapel Hill Shooting and Social Media’s Outrage

Social media outlets have been posting like wildfire about the tragic death of three Muslim students in the Chapel Hill shooting on February 10 and the posts are enraged. The internet is partially enraged by the incident itself and partially irate that the main stream media wasn’t talking about the shooting. In the wake of the international outcry over Charlie Hebdo, the main stream has been quiet about the Chapel Hill shooting.

Several people have claimed that the Chapel Hill shooting hasn’t received wider national attention because the victims were Muslim. Or when the mainstream does cover it, they question whether or not the shooting actually is a hate crime. Others just can’t seem to understand why there was a delay in the media’s coverage on the shooting as news about the incident didn’t hit the headlines until the following day and even then it still took the mainstream a little while to catch up on what was going on.

Why was there a delay? Was it an issue of not knowing or not caring?


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