The Media Gap and Democracy Now!

The New York Times wrote an article focusing on Democracy Now!‘s tendency to be the only outlet covering an important story or the only outlet to be there during the early days of the story. The article goes on to make Amy Goodman sound like she is going above and beyond the call of duty because she actually goes into the field to report. The issue with members of the media being mesmerized by Goodman doing her job points to a major issue with the mainstream outlets.

How is the media covering anything if they’re not going out into the field to figure out what’s going on? This particular article focuses on Goodman’s coverage of the early stages of Occupy Wall Street and the execution of Troy Davis because she and other journalists from Democracy Now! are actually reporting about what is happening on site.

Democracy Now! is filling a gap, but that gap shouldn’t exist in the first place if the mainstream media was actually getting out there and reporting.


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